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The Apple Tree 

The Apple Tree

The Apple Tree - Historia de una Manzana 

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Online Recruiting @ Social Networks?

Headlines were surging today with Facebook’s claim as a solution for online jobhunters and their counterparts. LinkedIN was quick to note that people want to keep their Facebook profiles *very separate* from their professional profiles, i.e., LinkedIN. Nevertheless, with 750+ million users under their belt, the people at Facebook are facing not “if” but “when” for their leadership in this category. With their BeKnown app, Facebook is already yielding interesting numbers in terms of usage, and several large recruiters are simply going solo in their corporate fan pages for recruiting purposes. It will be interesting to see how this one plays out – now one will have to think twice before posting those Tequila-drinking contest photos online!

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Forsquare and Groupon users in the U.S. and Canada will enjoy real time deal that will be offered by this join venture.

Groupon will benefit from this venture by reaching more people that will transform in more sales and a “loyal database” while Foursquare will be able to offer its customers real-time promotions from the current mayor in the deals space.

Lets see what this venture transforms into… All we know is that we have to take advantage and check-in to start enjoying special deals!


Reference: http://mashable.com/2011/07/29/foursquare-groupon-partnership/


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Online video sites turned TV Networks?

Watching the media consumption habits of my 12 y/o and 14 y/o nephews in Paris last week, I started to realize that TV is simply no longer an interest of theirs – and I am talking about the *set* or the *screen*. They were avidly watching *TV Series* – but on their Macs. Using Vuze, and downloading bit-torrents from mutliple sources. They literally did not turn on their 42″ TV sets *once*. Not once. So then you go and see that YouTube has recently webcast the Lollapalooza music festival live, sponsored by big names. What does this tell us about the future of Television? Or the future of the *interaction* between Television and the Internet? It is of course – as always – about eyeballs. And it seems to be apparent that the eyeballs are shifting “en masse” to all kinds of screens, other than the ones found on TV sets.

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June 2011 came with lots of surprises and very cool creative advertising at the CANNES LIONS 2011. Many that will inspire creatives around the globe in the future…

Here are some of our favorites:


Pay with a Tweet

This amazing concept came with great results

400.000+ people paid for something with a Tweet or
Facebook post in just 6 months

10.000+ Pay with a Tweet buttons have been created

Pay with a Tweet – Case Study – OMG version from Leif on Vimeo.



Watch the video and tell us what you think.


To see many more winners visit http://www.canneslions.com/

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The way we think about sports is going through a fast transformation. Attendance in most stadiums has declined, but TV programs prevail. We are always connected to sports because of the proliferation of high definition TV’s, mobile devices, Twitter and fantasy leagues.

Warren Packard from Mashable shares some notes about how our way of watching and staying up to date with sports is changing.

Change of Stadium

New technologies have finally caught up and in some cases surpassed the experience of watching an event at a stadium. Sport event transmissions have become an innovative experience that produces new features that enhance the visual experience and offer fans even the smallest details of each game.

Fantasy Sports

Technology has had a major impact on the way fantasy sports are practiced. Twitter is a fountain of data, and many people create personalized lists that include tweets from the actual players as well as their reaction.

This is the future of fantasy sports, a $3.8 billion industry where the average fan spends over $150 a year in products that do not even exist in reality. Read the rest of this entry »

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Is Social Media Changing Online Business?

I frequently read the following phrase: “I had a life before, now I have the Internet,” says Luis Samanamud – DCT Business Information Analyst.

Now, not only do we have websites that can easily be navigated from one page to another with a simple click, but we also have social networks and video portals where we are spending more time than the average of 30 minutes.

We all know that where there is an audience there is business, a simple page with a lot of traffic has excellent sales, but social media is turning out to be the best venue to produce professional profiles.

Small traditional businesses are struggling to get by and are not making any progress with old marketing tools; opening doors and waiting is no longer enough, neither is advertising though local media.

Taking a technological step in the Internet has become fundamental for any professional, company or institution. Online business allows for more clients and products sold.

However, when it comes to business, a simple web page and good content are no longer enough because of the enormous increase in competition.

Today, people are resorting to an old form of social communication, mouth to mouth, but they are doing it through the Web in virtual communities like Twitter and FaceBook. Read the rest of this entry »

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Social networks cannot live off of their users’ pictures, conversations and contacts alone and if you remove platforms that help you establish and manage professional contacts like Xing or LinkedIn, that charge premium fees, income generated by these sites is the result of the advertising within them.

According to Emilio Márquez, founder of Networking Activo (Active Networking), “Online advertising is not growing at the same rate it was in the in past years but it is the only area where it is not falling.”

What is interesting about social networks is that they offer a great amount data on individuals. Users populate their profiles with their geographical location, age, sexual tendency, likes and hobbies. This allows for “a more accurate aim in advertising” said Ícaro Moyano, Director of Communication in Tuenti.

Félix Brezo, member of S3Lab laboratory at Deusto University, says, “we are adding personal information to social networks, this facilitates the segmentation of the markets that are of interest to us.” He adds that people are not aware of the amount of data that is stored on the network.

According to Juan Varela, journalist and media consultant, “currently in Spain, social networks barely have any income in comparison to what they expect to earn in the future.” This tendency is already visible in the United Kingdom. This past May, Facebook became the number one British platform for online advertising with 11,800 million ads, a 33% increase from the previous year. Read the rest of this entry »

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Creative Viral Video

The first time I heard about this video, I was shocked did not know what to expect…

This video shows how creative someone can become to sell their product

Enjoy it!

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Ever since I started using the social media sites I enjoyed the benefits of communicating with family and friends who lived in different parts of the world. I thought that it was great and that being connected with everyone would allow me to be in touch 24/7.With more than 750 million active users on facebook and an estimate of 200 million users on twitter is hard not to be obsess on checking what’s going on with those who are part of our network.  Today I have the applications to all the social media sites downloaded into all my portable devices so I don’t get ‘disconnected’.

When thinking on how social network connect us to those far, I realized how disconnected I have become from those who are near.  As an example I have notice a trend that every social media user is following (at least in my network). In the past, when it was someone that I had a close relationship with birthday, I would make the impossible to call the person. Today we believe that if we send a message via facebook, twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Google + among many other social sites we are exempt and have done good. What we don’t realize is that even though we are now connected to people we have lost touch with, the ones that are closer to us are moving further part.

In the future it’s important to keep the balance between social media and personal relations. Not everything has to go through social media. In order to keep everything in equilibrium make time for both relations the ones in your social networks and the one who are more personal.

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